Dasi Mason Designs – Go Fund Me Campaign

It is with much nervous excitement that I announce the following.

I’ve started a “Go Fund Me” campaign to kick start my dreams of creating my own indie polish line.  You may wonder what this means to you – well.  Let me share a little peek into my imagination.

I’m dreaming of Neon Holos,  Jelly’s, Neon Cremes, Glow in the Dark Jelly’s and Neons, Metallic color shifting polishes, Neon glitter polishes, and anything and everything that makes polish addicts (like myself) drool.  So many colors, so few nails.  😉

I’ve added several donation reward levels – it’s pretty simple.  You donate a set amount and you get a brand new product – of your choice.   Once the polish is in production, it will ship to your home address at no extra charge.  I’ve set a small goal of $750.00 for this campaign.  Hopefully, with your help, I’ll be able to reach that and maybe even more!

Please check out the Go Fund Me Campaign here!

Thank you for your time and consideration!